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If your tooth crowns are showing their age (and yours!) or if you’ve never been happy with their look and fit, you could be taking chances with your oral and overall health ... as well as your self-esteem. Now could be the perfect time to replace your crown and bridge restorations. Let us help.

You can feel secure with our dedicated and compassionate team’s attention to your comfort and to every detail of your crown – also called a dental cap.

Smile-saving age-defying crowns restorations…

  • Cover badly discolored or poorly shaped teeth
  • Protect and reinforce weak or fractured teeth
  • Fill gaps
  • Prevent shifting of surrounding teeth
  • Look and feel completely natural.

We invite you to call us whether you are considering a crown restoration for the first time or want to update your older restorations.

Say goodbye to...

  • unnatural-looking contouring
  • uncomfortable spaces which can make cleaning difficult & could also lead to gum disease & cavities
  • teeth shifting into the space left by missing teeth, creating a crooked smile.

Say hello to our team if you have...

  • a weakened tooth or a broken tooth crown
  • queries about the cost of a dental crown
  • a loose crown.

Could your smile benefit from porcelain teeth? Let’s check to see if your smile is the perfect candidate for porcelain crowns that will restore your oral health. Call us now and we’ll schedule an appointment for you. We’ll have a conversation about your wants and needs, examine your mouth, and make a plan for your beautiful smile!

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Meet The Doctor

Dr. Chad Aitken knows that many patients have some apprehension about visiting the dentist. Whether you or your loved ones are anxious about dental visits or are looking to improve the health and beauty of your smile, General Dentist Dr. Aitken will treat you with compassion and understanding.