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Who wouldn’t want to look better, speak better, eat better … and smile more? Dental implants at Vista Dental Care are now the treatment of choice for many people who need to replace missing teeth.

Interestingly, dental implants are considered by many dentists – not just cosmetic dental offices – to be a more conservative intervention than traditional bridges or fixed partial dentures. 

They require only normal brushing and flossing to maintain oral health, unlike bridges that may make cleaning awkward. Because implants are anchored like the roots of your teeth, they act like natural teeth and preserve and strengthen your jawbone. There is no need to shape adjacent healthy teeth, and there are no plates to affect comfort and fit.

In one survey, patients who had their prosthetic appliances replaced with implants rated them nine out of ten – second only to natural teeth, and far above the two out of ten for their prosthetics! If you’re worrying about your age … don’t! The oldest known implant patient is 88; the youngest 15.

With implants, your friends won’t know why you’re looking so good – but because you feel so great, you might just tell them! Call us – your first choice for dental and cosmetic dentistry – for a consultation!



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Dr. Chad Aitken knows that many patients have some apprehension about visiting the dentist. Whether you or your loved ones are anxious about dental visits or are looking to improve the health and beauty of your smile, General Dentist Dr. Aitken will treat you with compassion and understanding.