Orthodontics in Red Deer – The Straight Goods

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If your teeth aren’t as straight as you’d like, protrude past your lips, or bite unevenly, this could be affecting more than the appearance of your smile. Braces or Invisalign® orthodontics in Red Deer at Vista Dental Care can help you avoid the perils to your oral health that come with misaligned teeth. When your teeth are… Too Tightly Spaced …

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Invisalign Or Braces? Which Is Best For You?

Have you been considering Invisalign treatment for a straight and beautiful smile? Maybe you want to compare this clear option to braces before visiting our general dentist in Red Deer at Vista Dental Care? If your teeth are crowded or crooked, it can affect your appearance, the way you smile, and even influence the way you behave around others in …

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